PrismaGuard Finish Classic Craft® Walnut Grain Sample (multiple stain colors)

Color - Wildflower Honey

Classic-Craft® Walnut finds its roots along riverbanks deep in the Eastern bottomland forest. Crafted to reflect the prized hardwood of the mighty Black Walnut trees, these doors feature a horizontal grain with natural movement accented by delicate arches and cathedrals.

Featuring PrismaGuard® Stain - a nature-inspired color palette of premium stains with rich tones that add dimension. There are ten stain colors to choose from on Classic Craft Walnut grain.

PrismaGuard finish is professionally applied in a controlled environment, PrismaGuard stain offers enhanced durability to protect from everyday wear and tear and is backed by a 10-year limited finish warranty for lasting beauty and peace of mind. The balance of this warranty will transfer to the next homeowner should you sell your home.


Sample dimensions:

4 in x 4 in